Summer Professional Development 2016

North Cross School Professional Development

June 7th and 8th, 2016

Introduction to Google Earth Intermediate Google Earth Google Tour Builder


Presentation Presentation

Scavenger Hunt 1


The Great Pyramid KMZ File

Pyramid Data Input Form

The Black Death

 Tour Builder Link

Resources if you want to review or know more

The GE Globe Explained(User Guide)

Took Kit 1a Video (YouTube)

Manipulating the Globe

Tool Kit 1b Video (YouTube)

Layers and Info

Tool Kit 2 Video (ThingLink)

The Tool Bar

Resources if you want to review or know more

Activity Resource:

The Journey to Jamestown

Augusta County Professional Development

June 14th and 15th 2016

Teacher and Tour Guide

with Google Tour Builder

MyMaps: Journeys Across the Curriculum

Drawing Shapes and Drawing Conclusions

with Google Draw

Presentation Presentation

PresentationCaption This Pic

Tour Builder Link

My Children's Story (Map)

Native American SOL 2.2, 2.4 Example

Links to Helpful Sites, Training and Instructional Ideas

Dave Rumsey's Google Earth Map of Historical Maps

Resources if you want to review or know more


Eric Curts Awesome Resources (Main Page)

Eric's Helpful Templates

Google's Template Gallery for Elementary


Intro to Google Draw Video

Another Intro Video


The Daughter's Story

The Son's Story

The Journey to Jamestown