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Overview Blog Post: Real Horror Stories Told with Google Earth:  The Black Death


This short reading selection is intended for about the 5th grade and gives an overview of  infections disease, the bubonic plague and the disease cycle.

Here's an unedited version of the Google Doc with links to audio files that will read the content to students who need the accommodation.  It also has audio file links to some vocabulary.   You can link directly to this if you want.

There's a ton of stuff on the Web that would be suitable to introduce this topic.  The document above was composed specifically for my 10 year old audience. (Why not write your own stuff)

Google Form

Here's an example of the Google Form I used to assist my students in analyzing some of the graphical data. The image on the form was taken from the internet and was originally published in Scientific American in 1964.  Of course you can use this form because the data would be in a spreadsheet in my account.  I have posted the modified graph from Scientific American which you may use for  your materials. 

Modified Graph Image

Modified Image of SciAm Plague Data

The original was published in the February edition of Scientific American.  Author is William E. Langer.

KMZ File  With Disease Progression Overlay

Google has a number of forums where contributors can place KMZ  files. I found the one I used in this lesson here:

Bubonic Plague Spread in Europe Google History and Geography Forum

The author is listed as LucindaM.  Thanks for putting this in the forum. 

Plague in the Modern Era

It turns out that bubonic plague isn't gone.  A great follow up to this historical perspective is to look into the distribution of  this ancient disease in the modern world.   The United States government Centers for Disease Control is on it.  The page below provides much in the way of visual data to have students analyze. 

CDC Plague Resources