Radiation Physics Specialist

      The former Job Title associate with this job was Radium Curator,  a legacy from the early and mid  20th century when radium was the only radioactiveelement used therapeutically.   In the early 80's there were many nuclides used.
  • Monitored  radiological conditions in the UVA hospital for  patients undergoing intracavitary  treatments  with radioctive  sources .  This is called Brachytherapy.
  • Posted safety guidelines for staff work with patients who were treated with radioactive sources
  • Prepared sources and for implantation and ordered radionuclides for therapeutic use
  • Planned and calculated treatment plans using a computerized treatment planning system
  • Measured radiation exposure and dosages with thermoluminescent crystals and a variety of electronic monitoring devices
  • Assisted Physicans and PhD's with technical aspects of  academic research and was  listed as an author on this paper: